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    Richard Mille RM 11-03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Red Quartz FQ TPT Watch Hands-On

    One of Richard Mille’s most popular watch product lines is the elegantly aged RM 11 (some updates have been made over the years), its Richard Mille RM 11-03 replica watches FQ TPT version (also RM 11-03, RM011 and RM 011). The RM 11 series can be traced back more than a decade. It is based on the RMAC3 movement. It is very simple according to Richard Mille’s standard, but it scores high in practicality.

    However, this is a very satisfactory mechanism. At first glance, its effect exceeds expectations. Many watch enthusiasts are crazy about RM 11-o3 watches. In some cases, this fact has caused some watches to sell for more than the retail price. RM 11-03 has the unique appearance of Richard Mille timepiece (modern barrel style), and various aesthetic versions (such as the red quartz TPT here), allowing the wearer to wear Able to get the bold visual attention you like. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) timepiece.

    The case of the RM 11-o3 FQ TPT is a mixture of red quartz and carbon, and is produced through a series of processing (“TPT” is “thin layer technology”), which can provide attractive aesthetics during processing-similar in theory, for Damascus style steel. Replica luxury watches price.TPT was originally developed as a light and strong material that can be used in sports (such as competitive racing) and industrial uses. The aesthetic value of TPT has benefited it in the field of watches. It can be presented in a variety of colors, and the unique textured appearance of the case makes it very fashionable today. Richard Mille wisely began using TPT materials for watch cases more than five years ago, and has since released products of various colors and styles featuring TPT case materials.