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    I remember vividly the summer of 2005, IBM PCs started with brand and RS gold they were THE SHIT compared to. We had been just restricted an hour it was weird as an 8 year old likely to play RuneScape while others were community college level folks doing research. I will never really feel that much joy, and I need to die a bit inside to myself afk.

    Same here allowed 30 minutes but adults have been permitted as many as two hours. So I persuaded my parents to register and had their cards. They figured it out as I had been the entire day. I’d also on the odd occasion sell other players in the library the time on those cards. I never understood that the time limit at my own library. Just like a small town of 2000 with a 6 or 5 pc library. I was there I do not believe I ever saw a single other individual use the computers, although they’d let me play for a few hours. Very rarely was anyone.

    In 2005 the varrock overall store was always so full you actually had to wait till something dissapeared lol.Yeah that’s funny. There would be just like 10-20 people and you had folks doing pointless shit for fun. Liked you’d go a random ladder in a construction up and see folks. And I am currently talking to somebody I met in an RSPS. Absolutely mind-boggling to me.

    Yo I have told the same thing so I’d always check overall shops everywhere and sure enough I discovered someone marketed like full black (t) to the al Khalid general store and I scooped it up and moved from having about 20k to my name to 250k cause I sold that shit in Varrock West Bank instantly.I remember my friend telling me to kill hens and sell the feathers to the GE, so I gathered a million and sold them all to the general store in lumbridge because that is what I thought he meant.

    There was a daycare my parents used to make me move to when I was young that I absolutely loathed, and yet one evening I had the smart idea to convince them to just drop me off at the library every day instead, so every day for that whole summer that I had been scapin’ it up on the library PCs. Not doing anything, just enjoying the joys of an online fantasy world. Back when my spirit was not crushed and fantasies existed! Great times!