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    This blog had hardly any info to go off

    This needed fleshing out. It feels beyond the concept stage and it’s being published. I’m also hoping runescape gold this is not the main selling point at RuneFest because group ironman is hunted after more. So basically it is a Seasonal regular manner where… You do artisan? I don’t quite get it. Is the winner that the most points? Can it be the first to acquire a fire cape? This blog had hardly any info to go off. All I am seeing is”play on temporary world’s doing exactly the same grinds as you might be doing on RuneScape, but you unlock cosmetics for RuneScape for doing it! What’s the incentive to perform leagues outside of players? When it’s only”do slayer tasks. Do farming.” Etc.. Why not I just do this in RuneScape?

    Standard league (our current characters) is going to suck if this goes through. Ever since seasons/leagues were introduced for D3/Path, regular servers went completely dead. You’ll find chatting in among the chats which everybody automatically joins. If you are one of those few types of people who may ignore all of that and play by yourself then that’s fine but for players who actually like the MMO aspect of walking around a bustling town and seeing folks around them, it’s unquestionably off-putting and deviating towards the newer and”funner” league where everybody else is enjoying becomes the norm. Standard league becoming a joke”deceased” league is pretty much the general consensus of the communities.

    If we have players who remain in Standard, separating them from the seasonal players (after already splitting us from rs3 gamers ) will cause such a massive divide between inhabitants. Honestly it would work out alright if exprates are upped in this manner since I (and I can imagine a lot of other players) are not even maxed on our mains nonetheless so the things we’re doing there could be done on the personality that we have enjoyed improving over a lengthy period of time. D3/PoE also have different classes to master also which adds to the replayability, OSRS does not really have anything near that.

    I can see how this could appeal to a, while I can not say it my cup of tea. My concern is to what other game modes that are spin-off have endured from very similar. Rather than concentrating on making competitive content for a part of the core game experience that truly shows concise examples of participant ability, it seems to be a different focus on who’s the least”life” & may spend the most time in the repetitive method.

    Hopefully you have got some fine designs for it planned so that it doesn’t just feel like this, but at the present time & based from the last few years of OSRS spin off modes, I am a bit wary. That and I truly don’t like the notion of pushing in sport rewards through a game style. These kinds of things must stand up on their own two legs without relying on pressuring people to play in a way they do not want to or wouldn’t enjoy for the promise of reward in their regular accounts back in RuneScape.