• MMOexp posted an update 1 month ago

    My career is totally broken up as in nba

    One argument would be that their VC would empty so that they would not have VC for the forced update. You can remove that NBA 2K20 MT with introducing an XP system. But than the account that the XP’s would belong into the build rather unlike the VC. So when you play a match you would make both VC and XP and after you level-up (in other words gain feature updates ) it will automatically give you those characteristics. And you also should be able to buy a limited quantity of XP with your VC so that you’d be able to initially get your player to 85.

    I believe the current character building and badge systems are rather decent, there could be minor alterations but it serves its purpose. I am not stating that every one of the personalities and badges are balanced there ought to be major tweaks to achieve equilibrium between badges and characters.

    For all those folks who can’t see our buddies home on a regular basis NBA 2K20 style provides competition amongst friendship groups from afar. It has two issues though- First, please let us choose our team jerseys, we want a realistic simulation of real NBA games that we view on TV and want the players to be wearing the correct alternative/throwback jerseys. Second, please allow us to use customized rosters, it truly enriches the experience and generates nostalgia when we can perform a classic game! Currently invite another players and the only way to do this is to create a MyLeague online. This can be a process which has to be re-created each time we want a matchup that is fresh. These changes would make this manner so great!

    My career is totally broken up as in nba(not park or pro am or anything). If your team headed by one player alone any celebrity that is not the same position just destroys your team(ex. Player is pg as well as other staff has a dominant large ) your team basically has no chance aside from outscoring, yet another challenge is that in the event that you sign a large contract having you play with a large number of minutes you don’t get subbed out the entire sport and from overtime your guy is extremely fatigued(even using Max endurance ). I’d like there to be an choice to suggest a timeout or any mechanic.