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    Raised some code from RS3 for this

    Are you repairing things in rs3 gold which were fixed back? I am curious, do you find yourself scouring through legacy RS3 code to learn the way a classic bug was repaired in RS2? We done that. Take Barbarian Assault – on the launch of OSRS at 2013, we knew the minigame was exposed to players since that had occurred in 2008+. So we informed players it would be opened after a couple of weeks once we’d fixed that, and locked the minigame. The dev doing that certainly raised some code from RS3 for this, because we later got reports that the Barbarians in OSRS had any dialogue about Constitution, which wouldn’t have been present in the 2007 version!

    Additionally, more recently, when fixing some harness involving gnomeball, we sent a message into the RS3 personnel to confirm they had fixed it in their game, and they responded that I had actually done that myself, in about 2012, and forgotten all about it. So yeah, there’s overlap, but it is relatively rare. However, we do battle with legacy systems sometimes, resulting in the occasional rewrite – I rewrote the OSRS Slayer assignment code about 2014-5, which makes it considerably easier to plug in a number of the upgrades players desired, which was well worthwhile, but players needed to admit it took a while and had a few knock-on consequences on task chances.

    I have a memory in my brain that is so eccentric, I am not certain whether or not it really happened. A thousand or so years before, back in Runescape Classic, when drop parties were held in the upstairs of the Varrock Museum, I remember a time several months before RS2 was announced, when a Jagex Mod walked up to the celebration from the opposite side of the wall (that was black back in these days), and told us about RS2 and the type of updates that were intended for this until it was made public understanding.

    This memory is vivid in my mind, but I don’t have any idea if it actually happened. I could well imagine some employees from that era doing that even to hype up enthusiasm for the launch. But I am afraid I did not work here myself in the time, and I don’t know who it’d have been especially. Perhaps Paul Gower, even – he had been known to hang out and sometimes teleport players to dance together with the knights after RS2 launched.