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    I understand this will not guarantee in Madden

    I am not naive, I understand this will not guarantee that EA isn’t going to get an expansion but that is better than Madden nfl 20 coins doing nothing. In terms of EA’s announcement, they are right. Until 2021. Why would they put out a statement saying”We are currently the exclusive supplier of NFL games but that is subject to change later on.”. It’s just PR to settle the fanboys and shareholders down. It shouldn’t be disheartening. We know we aren’t obtaining a simulation game but that is a shift in the chain of mediocrity.

    Except it’s not. They aren’t creating a simulation game. Being the sport =/= competition. Calling this rivalry is like promising Blitz the League was competition to Madden. Competition will be offering a similar alternative. Something which fills the same niche. That is not exactly what this is. They are allowed to do that. Going by what has been said these will not be games which will offer what the Madden audience are actually searching for or something to stand up against Madden. At best it’s likely to be a side game that some of the same audience picks up and likes but it is not going to cut to EA’s marketplace at all since it is not even striving for the identical kind of audience.

    “Non simulation football game encounters” has me worried. It’s a really broad statement while at exactly the same time seems like it was very intentionally worded so that it does not encroach on their complete”flagship” game like Madden. I think you might get excited, if you like NFL Street or even Blitz, but I don’t see how this could wind up being competition for Madden. The NFL also didn’t originally like NFL Blitz since it was so different than the way the NFL needed to depict their game – they just signed a multi-year agreement and fans fell in love with it. The 1 thing I think we could hope for is that they do a good enough job to where the NFL enables them take the reigns for a couple of years from Madden and provide them their shot, again, on making a full blown NFL match. Unfortunately I think this is going to be years away.

    One of the links supplied states,”now author 2K along with the NFL announced a new multiyear, multi-game partnership for new football games” Which means they could be working on an NFL road type of game and a Sim game.Well, it can’t be a sim game. The statement says that. It could also be something such as Tecmo Bowl or a”Head Coach” kind game.