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    Playing on very top of Madden

    More frequently than not, the viral clips of madden mut coins games that take over the world wide web frequently involve skill position men in some respect or a big defensive hit. The Indianapolis Colts had a down year for a team, therefore, naturally, people overlooked Nelson’s play. He did not move anywhere, and he is still playing on very top of his game. Hopefully, the Colts can get him a solid quarterback to block so he could get a better shot in the exclusive Madden 99 Club.

    He’s a real teammate and wishes to win anything. If the 49ers take home the Lombardi Trophy, start looking for Kittle to acquire a 99 overall because he’ll play a huge role in their success either way. If the 49ers run the ball, then Kittle probably paved the way with his astounding blocking ability, and, if they did it in the atmosphere, he likely made a splash or made space for many others.

    Stephon Gilmore is an interesting case because almost everyone outside Boston thinks that Gilmore is a fantastic corner, and he’s just considered good because he gets away with holding on almost every play. That having been said, Madden now has him in a 98 overall from the game. The only thing standing in his manner would be Richard Sherman wrecking the Super Bowl and zooming past him out of his 95 overall spot.

    Patrick Mahomes is now the only quarterback in the NFL which happens to be from the Madden 99 Club, and that probably won’t be changing any time soon. Lamar Jackson for your Baltimore Ravens might have just documented an MVP year, but doubters and naysayers will point to the lack of playoff victory as a hindrance from giving the man a 99 overall. Start looking for Mahomes to stay at a 99 overall for the near future.