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    You will need to be armed and prepared

    The TzHaar Fight Cave is recognized by many to be one of the most difficult TzHaar fight cave minigame in runescape 3 gold. To overcome it, you will need to be armed and prepared. Decent equipment and combat skills should already be a part of your arsenal, and there are a couple things that you will wish to avoid. Players need to tackle wave. You also have to make sure that you don’t log out manually as this will mean the wave might have to be repeated. Logging out during the fighting at the caves will see you logged out in the end of the wave breakdown.

    The mini-game is and may take players a couple of hours. Not only that, but it is a drain on your resources because you’ll need a hefty amount of potions to see you through. This also is dependent on how experienced you are seeing as attaining Jad can take hours more if you’ve got reduced Ranged levels. Using Prayer protection is essential, and it is something which even gamers don’t do.

    As mentioned before, using Ranged is pivotal from the Tzhaar City Fight Cave. The reason is that it will give players the chance to take a more distant approach within. Seeing as you’re confronted with waves of enemies, a strategy would be a way to attack the cave. You have to also look at conserving your resources and food, so Ranged is the way for you to take.

    So far as your stats are involved, you need to consider reaching 75 Ranged for this. It’s also advised that you have 60 Prayer, 75 Strike Points, and 70 Defence. There is also the tactic of using Gunthan’s gear combined with a Ranged approach. There are numerous weapons that may come like the Dragon Halberd or even the Saradomin Godsword. There’s numerous bows which can be put to great use as well. The Toxic Blowpipe can also be helpful, as it has a high attack speed along with also the venom could dish out extra damage.