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    Redeemed for either bonus or direct expertise

    Player Redhorizon, who spoke to Eurogamer in RuneFest 2019, stated:”Treasure Hunter was enough RuneScape gold, but then you’ve the promotions that offer double experience.” During 2019, 49 Treasure Hunter promotions have conducted In the time of writing. The Bubbling Lamps advertising, for instance, has run first, in 2019 in February and then in June, rewarding players with a choice of unique XP lamps. These lamps could be redeemed for either bonus or direct expertise, allowing players to gain expertise in skills that take a lot of time to train, like Summoning and Agility.

    Bonds and Solomon’s General Store, two other forms of monetisation for RuneScape, have faced similar offenses. Bonds, which have been introduced in 2013, redeemed for a variety of services and can be traded between players in-game. Because players must purchase them using real-world currency some players see Bonds as a kind of real-world trading.

    Meanwhile, Solomon’s General Store, that consumed the Loyalty Store in 2013, has faced the exact same criticism, since many of its items must be purchased using. The store originally focused on cosmetic items, like hairstyles or pets, but allows players. Much like Treasure Hunter, these items encourage players put those who can not or choose to not in a disadvantage to those who do and to invest additional money.

    Jagex introduced an enhanced version of the membership subscription program called Premier Club. This distinctive kind of membership may only be bought in the months of every calendar year, normally between November and January, and contains three tiers for gamers Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each tier provides another period of membership, from three months to a year, at a rate and a number of bonuses, including a discount on RuneMetrics new products and other Treasure Hunter keys.