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    Have to be concerned about cap space

    Trading was bugged since forever on consoles. Up to now as Madden 15, I will recall excellent trades being denied.I can’t believe Franchise does not have a setting which lets you force trades of Mut 20 coins for sale to go through. Obviously that isn’t realistic but each single sports game apart from Madden enables users to force trades. Its a GAME for a reason… that you should have the ability to play how you want.For the identical reason, when creating a personalized roster, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about cap space. If I wished to make a team including the best Madden players, then I’d have to go through and change their positions back and forth, which can be so stupid.

    What you do is create. Then go and exchange Kyler. Retire that Character and return to whatever team you used. It is like Madden is programmed to just want high draft picks back. Offering Madden players not seems to work for me.Certain Madden players have been programmed into Madden as untradeable. Kyler and lamar are both man which you can never exchange for if their team has other guys above these on the depth chart. You could try making Kyler a punter trading for him, although I haven’t tried it. That may override Madden.

    It was dream draft although his rookie season I traded because of and he had been supporting Eli Manning. Kyler was have by me cheap and he’s a X factor.What are their contracts such as too? Cardinals would eat a huge punishment for this as well as whatever the 3 others are getting paid.Not really. The Cardinals have had a franchise with one of the lowest payrolls so they can profit off the gain sharing. They have interesting in being a fantastic franchise. EA needs to fix trading? You will need to give it trades lol that is realistic.

    I quit playing Madden three decades previously, I read this sub because I will always desire Madden was good. Reading the posts in this thread is fucking heartbreaking…its 20 fucking 19 and now we have to move kicker Kyler Murray when you’re offering to land him in order to trade for him. Simply place EA isn’t trying and does not fucking care. There are so many different ways they could make Madden great, and they don’t because if Madden is great or not does not matter.Does anyone have this one receiver they drafted that is bad on a consistent basis but includes the clutch shit like this film? I spent a very first on a receiver and he came out with Superstar dev however he has NO acceleration so he’s like never available but he only makes the most insane plays.I love drafting Ruggs. I returned three kicks for TDs in the first couple of games I had him. Anyone with instant game ability like that’s a draft selection that is worthy.