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    Ferrell is not as big of a gift pass racing

    Raiders are among my favorite groups to watch this season, everybody counted them out so quickly after ab left but Madden 20 coins I believed they still had any wins in them. Really would be amazing to see that this squad make a playoff run, they seem incredibly determined and full of heart.Didn’t like drafting clelin ferrell, believed there was better talent available. Their offensive line was a question mark and that I did not believe Carr would be as good as he has been. In addition to the defense is a dumpster fire. Happy to see them do well.

    Ferrell is not as big of a gift pass racing as Bosa and Allen but he will get better and he’s a beast from the run. I wonder if the Raiders thought process was”We can’t defend either right now so let’s catch a guy who will help with the two”. I sort of seen him. They needed to have thought he wouldn’t be around later in the very first when their following selections rolled around. However, I don’t understand why they would not drop a couple of spots to get a team that died for Josh Allen down.

    Ohy’all dogged on us for certain, I am not saying anything hateful trust me, we have nothing to play but the #1 pick.Ya understand, I don’t believe we should go qb #1. There is an opportunity a qb falls and we could trade up or wait till the second to get our guy, but I want us to take chase young. Dudes a fanatic better than Bosa. If not him then o line all day.The Bengals have done Andy Dalton extremely filthy. When he went to a well run group, that guy might have been a HoFer.

    I really don’t watch college football, but watch the LSU vs Bama match and that I thought Burrow looked like a NFL QB prospect. Before Tua’s injury, even on the flip side, I saw what everybody else saw. He’s a smaller and shittier version of Tebow and most of us know how that went. I had learned about Chase Young, but didn’t know much so that I watched his highlights from 2018. WOW is the first thing came to mind. I feel like that I can create some good scouting reports and this was my account by his 2018 highlight reel.