• MMOexp posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Majority of the time the button wont do anything

    Exactly. That is why I am pissed. Sometimes it will work the way. But the majority of the time the button wont do anything. The route wont go away, but like I choose pass Madden 20 coins along with my choices dont disappear. Like it doesnt realize there has been a button pressed. Sometimes if I press it will take it. But usually attempt to throw it fast before I get hit, and I must give it up. It is a weird glitch which makes no sense. I know it not working in case it is a route that begins as play action. Nonetheless, it’s just usually a swing pass which I am attempting to cancel. It seems like it’s a problem that most men and women dont cope with.

    Just tried a game on play today, I played with the saints. And every time that I tried to place the running back to pass shield, it might flash the x ray. Then it wouldn’t switch this, and I keep hitting on r2 and nothing else occurs. I tried every combination of rb recieving routes. I tried 2 rbs and neither one would change to pass shield. But any time I set the line to maximum protect, the running backs and tight ends would switch to pass protection and that I cant get certain paths back after I cancel them. However, I can place the tight end to a route or anything easy. Along with my running back can help block. But it kinda ruins the paths are from people on the line some plays.

    We all know a Madden participant’s OVR regresses as they become old and do not play and they used to. But the dev trait should too. Think about it. X Factor and Superstar skills should reflect the effect Madden players may have on a game. An elderly Madden player isn’t going to get exactly the exact same effect as they did if they were younger.I can not. Towards getting that redux card, I need to grind and I want 40 more wins of this. I know there are a couple more days, and I am not hoping to get all of them in one night or something, but I have to do it.

    Sunk cost in time plus this and cod are the only games I play at this time, I do not wish to lose out on coins or rewards and I only need to get it done, but it really has me blind with anger right now. I mean I could shoot some losses but the nature of the can be so frustrating I just can not think it.How so? It’s NFL style but with what EA known as a”spin”. The spin is that both sides get a possession. Even if the team chews clock into the half that they receive a possession. These games could be longer if individuals are unwilling to stop. There are.