• MMOexp posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Back the numbers are more realistic

    I tend to pick up Power Backs at Madden 19. On plays they drive in my view to buy Madden 20 coins. Where I see elusive backs going down more often at the point of contact I am seeing Power Backs getting the animation that has them falling forwards 2-5 yards. I also think Madden game is too easy with all the Elusive backs. I have a tendency to rush for 200+ yards together per match on All Madden, but with a power back the numbers are more realistic because it’s not often that I am breaking the huge ones loose.

    They definitely aren’t removable HBs, with Elusive ones I’ve best experience and they manage most runs really nicely. That having been said, Powerbacks are still useful for insides, electricity runs and even some draw plays. In case O-line can create broad enough gap, there is usually only LB or Safety that may stop you, whilst PWHB can truck through quite consistently, Elusive may not always be able to dodge. For non yardage push, however, I rarely ever use PWHB. Possessing a Fullback that is extremely good at it.

    In franchise mode I draft elusive backs. As you upgrade their elusiveness their fracture tackle evaluation will go up and you also get more of this Madden participant breaking tackles in their with no stick work. For instance, I have a hb I drafted first round that had speed, agility and acceleration all in the nineties. He had a break handle rating of such as 73 but after 5 years upgrading just elusiveness his fracture tackle rating is like 86. He is a complete monster. Runs like Alvin Kamara. I do not even use a run hefty scheme. Largely gets touches from horizontal paths, inside zone runs and screens.

    That is basically the main”upgrade.” Otherwise, it seems a lot like Madden 19, but with more things tossed into franchise where you’ll have situations pop up not only for Madden player development, but resting a beginner if you have secured the playoffs (fewer pops played means higher endurance at the playoffs, but more snaps means greater morale), or even a older Madden participant who has not won a Super Bowl attempting to receive one at the playoffs with the defense rallying around them (huge morale boosts to the defense), after which they state they will retire (although JJ Watt said he put in his retirement papers once I won the Super Bowl and then did not retire, so I figure it’s not working quite as planned.