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    Came back last year for approximately

    Perhaps you mention it in the movie – I haven’t completed it yet – but it’d be amazing if you didn’t purchase bonds for GP with this account too. I also switched out of an iron straight back into some normie he and RuneScape gold that I forgot just how much of a mill (not in a bad way) getting gp and updating gear is within an intermediate account. Like deciding whether to get 5m to get a fury or continue coaching or questing or whatnot.Came back last year for approximately 8 months, then this video is quite reminiscent of my early adventures for me. Probably sucks losing your primary accounts with all that time put in, but I’m glad your making positive of it and starting from scratch (more articles to us viewers).

    I have to be fair Torv, when you first arrived on the scene I did not actually rate you but I kept coming back to watch your vids and now I have to say, you are genuinely my favorite OSRS content creator. You’re doing a lot for your community, particularly players who want to keep contact Runescape but don’t play anymore. Keep it.Try Me ah so you are saying if they change the motor of Runescape,where Runescapeplay is along the lines for example like Skyrim,you know the principles swing your sword block,throw your magic fighting an enemy using version movements.Holy shit yo!! Envision pvm shit would actually be harder and more fun!Blow Smoke I did not have Skyrim in mind but yeah if Runescape had 1st person perspective,I believe like not just would Runescape be enjoyable but it would also be Grindy but enjoyable at the exact same time you understand?

    Like you said using Skyrim for instance,imagine looking at your computer physically walking into a cave full of what dragons for instance,and also to see one awaken and Aggro to you while really use your computer keyboard to fight instead of just point . Runescape has some much potiental,it is 2019 jagex has to do something rather than relying with this shit engine they have been utilizing for ages.Thank you for bringing a lot of this to light. Hopefully with a little more attention being attracted to the topic Jagex might begin to take some notice. Its demoralizing seeing this shit as a valid player.

    So 1 bot farm I’ve noticed that /has/ gotten prohibited are magical tree farmers in the spot just south of Seers/East of all Ranger guild. I haven’t checked to see if they have moved on to pvp worlds, but they were present en masse for approximately a month and have mysteriously all vanished overnight a few days ago.normally I’m not a fan of pvp but I’m always a fan of robots even though by killing them. Good work exposing bots and I hope jagex watches. I quit playing osrs due to botting. Made it too hard to get a person to level skills like mining and kept the prices so low you couldn’t make gold.