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    Trying not to use money for membership

    There is no way you’ll be able to make 500k an hour doing this, it’s only a 70gp margin per potato with RuneScape gold, 250k an hour is nothing along with the margins on planks are trash, 175k and hour is also crap and that I used to make cannonballs a great deal and it is not worthwhile. I am also trying not to use money for membership, plus I have had to put my gp right into a great deal of items lately so anything less than 700k an hour is not worth my time. You are strawmanning me so much here, I never stated I need to have the ability to make a mil an hour at level 1 but the margins for many items are shit from level 40-60. And when I wanted to rate run games then I sure as fuck would not be playing RS, the only real things I attempt to do as fast as possible are quests and making gp everything else I take my time. I’m probably just gonna use all my time becoming 99 thieving since that is among the very best money makers and it’s almost no attempt.

    What a nostalgia trip. I remember finding out about Runescape on Miniclip back in November of 2004 later I transferred into the UK. So that the game really helped me understand English, I didn’t know English. I recall the Free World Trading and Wilderness . Used to play Runescape regular after school. Everyone did. Come back to Runescape every so often. (Just realized on my alt YT) Still another one you will see poof from high scores when prem runs out from january. RS OSRS isn’t the noobs that are older.

    This is the most accurate/best video ever made displaying what happend through the years I began playing 2004 and I’ve seen every single update ever since I withnessed basicly everything you saw in Runescape I stuck around for so long since I had any other game to play at the time but then counter attack became something and I left runescape for that to play with scoutknifez/gun game zombie style all that taking a lengthy break from runescape till one day I saw on the forums Runescape oldschool… YOU DECIDE! Bro never in my life was I so committed to spread the information and the day it passed and it got released you bet I spended every penny I had from Runescape3 to acquire a bond/play only oldschool runescape with that point forward now I never logged back in runescape 3 and I never will because to me that’s only a whole another match.

    I dont know how it seems like if you asked me a question relating to this all I know is I had 94 fletching and 99 RC Firemaking but that’s about it. Bonds are amazing but thank you’ll for making Runescape brought back some awesome memories.Runescape is incredible Will, much valued guy, thank you! Recounting these events I experienced in game, along with many others commenting here, has attracted me a great deal of pleasure. Many fantastic friends made through Runescape, rivals as well joining in on this gaming stone. Rs and I play accounts on both versions, for this day. I don’t get into that elitist nonsense bickering over what variant is better, both are unique and fun and both have communities that are nice and dedicated.