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    Guide videos and BiS lists wouldn’t take long

    A good deal of people joined WoW Classic too late and did not get to experience the majority of the articles or didn’t even bother looking to the meta. Apart from those who played vanilla on private servers, most people have not played classic wow gold at the level. I really don’t think the meta things as much as people think it will, strategies for bosses is obviously pretty much worked out over a couple days anyway, guide videos and BiS lists wouldn’t take long to create even if the content was new. I place 3 years into a vanilla server and mained a single character I did not get bored either, doing progression raids was fun even after I cleared naxx I had things to do and getting rank 13 (not HWL because the payoff for casters is readily superseeded). WoW Classic is going to be the first time many people are going to have the ability to play vanilla on a fantastic internet connection with an adequate computer too. Back in the day, many people had dreadful net, many even using Dial-Up (I know I did!) Onto a piece of shit computer that would run at like 20fps through raids together with all the settings on low. Back then thinking about BiS lists and rotations etc was the least of our concerns.

    Great video as always, however while I agree with you on most of the things I truly expect Retail won’t develop into a casuals dream theme park. I play WoW Classic mainly for the lore, and though the lore of WoW Classic is full of stories I know it by heart so although I believe myself to be, if not hardcore at least semi-hardcore, I will still wish to play Retail to advance the story and lore of WoW Classic. I would be quite unhappy if the hardcore, and lets be honest by hardcore you imply good players but can not really say that, simply give up on Retail and proceed for WoW Classic. There are already so few players to play .

    I completely agree here. I believe that a good facet to go into WoW Classic would be to think of what patches would comprise after 1.12.1 if TBC was never published. Class balancing would definitely be a thing.Making courses more balanced could provide more flavor to WoW Classic. Making more reasons to perform different classes. And by balance I don’t mean making them exactly the same, just more evenly viable selections for their intended purposes.Like me. I really like Enhancement Shamans, but that I can not really play it late game in PVE.One of the best things with TBC was that the Tier sets that was optimized for distinct class specializations. I would be available for this also.

    To get a narrative point. In the beginning it’s looks identical at that time period, but the outcome changes more and more over time. Then Cataclysm never occurred.