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    A misconception is that the images are nostalgic

    A misconception is that the images are nostalgic with RuneScape gold. Its not accurate, I recall trying this 3d images were simply not like this and as it premiered then, it had been 2013, not 1992. They were awful then and they are still bad today. Its not just choppy animations, the polygon and colours, but the way that it requires a long time to respond to commands is not excusable and is unbearable. I’ve played with both versions for to try and give it the best chance, but no. Its boring has a toxic community and dull. (but all matches do). Cant, sorry Peon agree with much of what you say in Runescape, it seems scripted, distressed and rather’imitation newsy’.

    I played Classic to 2003/2004 from 2001. I gave RS2 an attempt but I couldn’t get into it. I have no nostalgia for the graphics of RS2 once I state this: OSRS images really have a charm to them after you enter it. They can be a small shock to the eyes once you glance at them, but I promise when given the opportunity they grow on you.what do you win exactly? PvP is complete loot in Runescape, you die and you lose it all if you equip the best gear, the amount of gold you get for your RL cost of a bond is not worth it especially when you think about how much money can be drawn up in sport, I’ve had tens of thousands of hours in Runescape through the years and Runescape wasn’t sponsored.

    The ONLY people paying gold with actual money are individuals with time to perform and find the money. Point ONE item in oldschool that may be purchased that needs a significant amount of money which can’t be got in game that gives you an edge in PVP OR PVE out. I’m confident you can not do it. Jagex has always been in my experience a stupid company but they would not ruin oldschool such as this. As for RuneScape 3, I wouldn’t be surprised.I adore OSRS, it brings back all memories of my youth and is such a much better game than that which Runescape3 is now. Even though I still play Runescape3. Just want people played with the game they had to back in the day. Back without focusing on grinding for that next level when grinding for 99 wasn’t the goal but just talking to people, hanging out, doing bizarre stuff and having a fun time. Still love it so

    Glad to hear that you into the match. I am sure there’s plenty of individuals who used to play Runescape back in the day back when it was just regular Runescape and may look into getting back into it thanks to you. Along with some new players! Regular shoot me a message on the game, if anyone needs any help in-game with any quests! FrostyFenrir! (I might also give out a couple of bonds or GP based on the disposition of the day and in case you are really a new player!) ?