• MMOexp posted an update 5 months ago

    Ending game PVM requires a FEW

    Theres no need to maximum some ability to 99 to play the sport to buy OSRS gold. Yes some ending game PVM requires a FEW non-combat skills to be quite high (not even near 99 however ). Im currently 109 battle (126 is max) on my main, and all of my non-combat abilities are 70 or reduced, which can be rather easy to achieve and high enough for pretty much everything that I want to do. Im playing with casual. There are weeks which im playing 1 hour. I do whatever I was doing when I logged out and jump and can advance back in at any time.

    As you would like it to be, it’s as grindy. I have been playing OSRS since release and still don’t possess a single 99 ability since it’s just not necessary to enjoy- or be good at the game. This isn’t like WoW, where your route is streamlined and everybody has the same goals. The combat system may be easy on first glance but especially in PvP and endgame PvM, it can have a great deal of depth and it has a”skill ceiling”. OSRS battle requires fast and exact clicking, which requires a ton more ability than tab targetting and spamming keyboard buttons for rotations such as in WoW. I’ve not ever heard of this”bug” you’re speaking about. Because it is not necessary there is no level scaling in PvP.

    You may attack players according to your and their combat level. Low levels combat high levels and low levels and high levels struggle with. It’s true, you are required to get supplies like food, potions and arrows to be able to pvp, what is so bad about this? There is construct variation in PvP. Honestly, you don’t really seem knowledgable and impartial enough to give a fair evaluation of OSRS. You seem like a sour WoW fanboy that missed out on Runescape because it’d”shit images” and is currently badmouthing the match in an effort to justify his poor decision and feel much better about himself.

    I feel this comment is composed by someone reminiscent of his time’wasted’ on the match. I’ve seen people who loved the sport state similar things, but most of what you have said paints as both ignorant and dumb because very frankly your main beef with the game is actually only a personal preference of sport play.You can’t call my observation that the game is simply grinding an opinion. It is accurate, and not in a great way. Someone said that it is”as grindy because you want it to be,” and I really had a chuckle out loud. That is true in the sense thatyes, I really could grind in the game. Or I could CHOOSE to turn off the game and walk off. What a choice? There is one quantitative aspect which can be used to measure a game’s worth, regardless of preferance; although personal preference might be a qualatative element in my view.