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    OSRS is objectively the better match

    If a game has good graphics, good, more power to it, but what the focus of any game development should be is focusing on gameplay to buy OSRS gold. If you place more development on graphics and less on gameplay, then I don’t care how many men and women believe the sport is”great”, it’s bad. Vice versa for images, and really if you honestly believe a match is great because its images look great even though the gameplay is shit, then your opinion honestly does not get rewarded for your own grind however, eaither by creating tons of gold or fresh spells/prayers(not certain if they’ve temple of sennistein quest in OSRS) its a casual game but incredibly fun and a lot of stuff to do, hardcore is not Runescape whatsoever unless you’re opting for competitions.

    I wish Jagex attribute school more prominently and would wake the hell up. OSRS is objectively the better match, and scaring people off with Runescape3 is not going to help lol.Runescape needs to be shared everywhere. Maintain OSRS living! Because theres so much to do. As a busy person, I need all the time I can get to experience Runescape at full.To be fair the higher level and attempt skilling methods are decent, but if you are putting in more work/clicks and attempt when bossing or doing high level pvm you need to earn more than just standing at a tree.I love skilling and have 99 rc and might love to see skilling be more profitable but its simply not and if you want a better experience with skilling try ironman. Mats and levels mean a whole lot more.

    As a fan of runescape I must disagree with you wholeheartedly about the content of this game. They are definitely the most tedious unrewarding quests in the game that absence serious quality including poor character development and uninteresting stories combined with all the other bullshit skills such as fletching, mining, etc.. I miss the match when it was actually 2007 but I was young then and way to biased to be against it like I am today. I hated the game and the business but I’m not . This is why they made a button at old school, but I had spent too much to begin again from nothing. It was fun while it lasted but riddance.

    Runescape 3 can also be fairly great just saying you kinda quickly trashed on Runescape3 but fail to mention Runescape3 has improved and more quest for both members and free and all of the material of rs2 its much more new player friendly. Runescape3 has pve that is much better and pve articles. I started in 07 that said I say if your new go attempt Runescape3 first not rs2 first imo.I’ll never go back to OSRS. I want my youth to stay in my youth even if it’s still great, those memories are great enough and my chief got kek’d onto Runescape3 that is distinct enough to occasionally keep playing. I ain’t got the same 2 or 6 hours a day like my childhood to regrind and be mesmerized by potato images and fantasy-medieval midi’s.