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    RS Classic for the few years

    Folks enjoy it although it’s sort of ironic since Slayer is literally kill x get back to OSRS gold. I think that the context matters. You’re leveling a skill and performing it to improve your account instead of doing it to progress through the narrative. It’s something dumb that you don’t need to pay attention to so when you’re doing this to get through the game and progress the story it seems dull and boring but as it’s a skill you can train when you aren’t always trying to concentrate on what you are doing it is more attractive. I like the way Runescape integrates a kill x platform since it gives you the option to slay items that are mindlessly and allows the sport to have quests that you are able to take part in and enjoy.

    It’s just not your cup of tea. Rs does have a gameplay, just click it and it does some things, it is the other stuff that are great about it. There will always be triple A matches high with fast paced that RS does not have. (no, high end pkers are way up there in space, doesn’t influence the vast majority of the gameplay of rs for most players, so it is not an argument) Just give Runescape a pass and play something else that you will actually enjoy. You sound like you are complaining that should, that’s where your preferences come in.I played with it when it was fresh, and played RS Classic for the few years that it existed until two came out. And it actually was amazing for the time, no doubt about it. But honestly, it’s an ancient relic today, and I can’t locate like I did when I was 10 it fun, though I have tried before to give it another go. Thus, guess you are wrong.Well, I was not lying about anything, and I do not care at all if this guy I don’t know is right or wrong, but his statement is one that’s just objectively false because obviously people may exist in this world who do not enjoy things that he really does like. I just gave my personal reason as to why.I would also like to encourage everyone to just give it a go. You won’t eliminate anything out of it. I’ve played variations of runescape and played all the way in Runescape 3. Their micro-transactions couldn’t stand so that I went back to OSRS. I am happy about that selection. It’s not for Nostalgia, it is really a game that is fantastic.

    I believe were seeing a resurgence in mmos that are oldschool. . The cover to acquire crap has become ludicrous. On cellular…. OHHHH BOIII! OSR building hunting and my house up were undoubtedly the most fun I ever had in a game. Closely followed by seeing the dwarven underground town. Crafting my friend tens of thousands of cannon balls. . And pest management. Then wow classic will step in with the dam out of loch modan. ironforge city. Accidently ninjaing hakkars mind and becoming see Naxx Maexna for the first time.Nostalgia is a huge part of why I started playing again, very much like replaying an old favorite you have not played in a couple of years since redoing quests has been a huge focus for me, along with the satisfaction of setting and finishing goals.Between the quests feeling like formal adventures, and each of the various abilities, minigames, and personal goal setting jagex has generated something, in my experience at least, unique.

    Can I really like Runescape, It’s such a exceptional world, it is always able to have a smile on my head and it lets me feel that sense of adventure, magic and discovery that very few games can cause me to feel now adays. I absolutelly love the style of the images (even though I started Runescape3 around 2010, once the images had been updated a bit), and the nostalgia it brings me… Ah, as small as a soundtrack or a sound effect from it can place me into tears of nostalgia while remembering my experiences as a child/teen discovering this fantastic world. But then I remember, I remember that Runescape is still a thing, it only keeps growing in number of gamers, the planet only keeps expanding, the programmers keep listening to their community and working hard to make a fantastic match over all else. And then that nostalgia turns into joy, for this is the one mmo that isn’t big because of stories from the past, it’s former glory has not gone anywhere, it is only getting better with time and it’s still esentially the exact same game you played with and loved years before, but with so much more to discover and revel in.