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    How to Select and Roll in NBA 2K19

    NBA 2K returns once again this year for 2019 and it’s still high in the basketball match. As has been the case in previous years, you need to know all of the intricacies of this sport to be successful online and on the higher issues. You cannot simply run straight in the opposing team’s defense, trusting for endless layups and dunks. That tactic simply won’t cut it in 2K19 MT.

    The pick and roll is one of those moves you want to master if you would like to be effective on the court. It permits you to rapidly break your opponent’s defense and drive towards the basket for a simple shot or opening for a teammate.

    Activating a pick and roll in NBA 2K19 is carried out by holding the game’s call play button, which is L1 if you’re playing PlayStation 4 and LB on Xbox One. As soon as you do this, one of your teammates will set up a screen and, while holding the left , you can press R2 to alter the angle of your teammates screen. Once the display (the pick in pick and roll up ) is exactly where you want it to be, then you may start your move to the basket.

    As you push forward, the defenders will begin to dread and you they will begin to encircle your player if you opt not to shoot. This also means that the selection and roll has opened up space that you establish a teammate using a pass. Simply pass it off to them, plus they’ll have a better prospect of scoring than they’d have achieved if you had not activated the pick and roll. The roll sees them move into place for a layup, while the fade sees them position themselves accordingly for an open jump shot.